We hold ourselves to the following values and agreements to ensure that the work we do fulfills our mission.

– Details matter in all we do. We infuse high artistic quality, creativity and imagination in all aspects of our work (programs, books, promotion, social media presence.)
– We are fun, engaging, creative, relatable, entrepreneurial and open minded. We are not childish, predictable, pompous, or judgemental.
– We do not shy away from challenging prompts or themes in our programs so that students and authors may create open and honest writing.
– We listen to the creative ideas of students and authors and respect the rights to direct their own work.

COMMUNITY (Outside our doors)
– We create a space for everyone. We actively build an environment where everyone of any race, ethnicity, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, accessibility needs, or country of origin feel welcomed and seen.
– We support our partners in any way possible, yet we are governed and managed independently.
– We give the community, students, parents, partners, etc full access to staff and many opportunities to give feedback
– We respond to donors, volunteers, families, and partners quickly and meaningfully
– We always recognize our donors in all public materials
– We are visible and present in the larger community, developing strong connections and supporting advocacy led by our communities.

INCLUSIVITY / INTEGRITY (Inside our doors)
– We include the team on hiring decisions
– We include the team on strategic planning and dreaming
– We speak respectfully to others
– We assume the best of intentions in people, give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and hold ourselves accountable to the impact that our words and actions have on others.
– We communicate our needs and expectations openly, and do not get angry at others’ failures to fulfill expectations we never clearly set.
– We are thoughtful about our privileges and how they affect our interactions with others.
– We welcome and encourage energetic conversations across diverse perspectives and challenge each other respectfully.
– We have a good sense of humor and find fun and joy in our work.
– We prioritize “all hands on deck” with each other’s programs.
– We prioritize team building days, lunches, etc.
– We are thoughtful of everyone’s needs when coordinating programs and events Including accessibility, childcare, and transportation.

ACTION (Our work ethic)
– We are not afraid to change course as more information becomes available.
– We take calculated risks and view failures as learning opportunities.
– We are nimble, flexible and can mobilize quickly to integrate into new situations or opportunities.
– We are always learning. Seeking opportunities for personal growth and learning. Sharing best practices on organization, personal growth, habits, etc.